Born in Johannesburg in 2015, Sporty Little Number (SLN) is a contemporary blog for stylish, active, South African women.

The blog was initially set up by Fi Janneryd in an attempt to keep her on the straight-and-narrow whilst rehabilitating from chronic back problems! To keep her focused on living a healthy, active lifestyle (Doctor’s orders) she has been on the constant look-out for inspiration.   And having ditched the business suits and maternity clothes for sportswear, she has discovered a small addiction to sports fashion!

SLN brings together all of the things she has found and learnt (and continues to learn) along the way: luxury, sportswear fashion in SA, cool fitness trends and happenings as well as healthy eating ideas and recipes to inspire women to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

This blog is for women who like sweating and smoothies just as much as stylish spandex and the odd glass of wine.

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If you would like to get in contact, please email: Fiona@sportylittlenumber.com

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