Get Smooth for the Summer … Your Perfect Body Scrub!

Rain DIY body scrub custom beauty

I’ve just been to a scrub deli.  Feelin’ smooth!   

It doesn’t matter where you live, the seasons are changing.  We’ve just leapt into a warm (and dry) Spring.  And Up North, Autumn is knocking on the door.  I don’t know about you, but when the seasons change, my skin has a mini-meltdown.  Otherwise known as crocodile skin.

I’m a girl who likes to find solutions to problems.  And a scrub is a sensible remedy for crocodile skin … especially when loofahs and body creams just don’t cut it.

So you can imagine my delight to stumble upon Rain’s Scrub Deli.  Their scrub deli lets you customise your own fresh DIY scrub using their selection of bases, carrier oils, actives & essences.  Why? Because we all have more than one skin issue.  We all have different preferences when it comes to texture, smell and coarseness of our favourite scrub.  And customisable beauty is where it’s at!

The chance to create my perfect body scrub, was too good to resist. Like a master mixologist, I created my own scrub blend using rosehip oil, green tea, bran, almond, jasmine, rose and cedarwood.  Anti-ageing, health-enhancing, hydrating and a dash of detox!   All of it 100% natural. And yes, my skin looks much smoother.  Thank you!

Rain is new to  me (opening nearby only recently).  And as I’m always on the lookout for clean beauty loot, I was very pleased to learn that their products (and packaging), are truly natural, paraben-free and chemical-less … using organic and sustainable ingredients.  However, this is not a new concept.

What is remarkable though, is their wider ethos.  Their products are handmade to benefit our skins (in the healthiest and cleanest way possible), whilst caring for the people who crafted them, and the environment that supplied the ingredients!

Who wouldn’t get an inner glow to  match their new outer glow after learning that?

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