Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Healthy-Minded Mum!

Pink and purple roses

Mother’s Day is around the corner (8th May).  A day when we show our Mums how much they mean to us.  And it’s true what they say … it’s the thought that counts.  But I still get stumped!  And so does my family, when they look for my Mother’s Day gift.

I honestly don’t mind what I get, but this year it would be great if it’s something that helps improve my wellbeing.  Thinking about it, my mum would appreciate that too.  So I’ve pulled together a Mother’s Day Wish List, to help find that perfect, healthy gift.

Mother’s Day Wish List

Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.

Flower gifts for Mother's Day from The Flower Child

Pretty flowers tend to be the go-to gift for Mother’s Day.  They are simple, beautiful and indulgent. But they can also improve wellbeing. Fresh flowers are associated with positive energy and can increase happiness, reduce depression and anxiety. Pretty powerful. Even smelling fresh flowers can instantly turn your mood!

What’s better than a bouquet of flowers? Beautiful blooms delivered monthly!

Clearly this can quickly turn into a costly exercise … but subscription packages from florists like The Flower Child, offer a 3 month Mother’s Day special. Genius!

The Muse Subscription package, costs R500 per month (or R1500 for the Mother’s Day special). You get a mixed bunch of flowers, a seasonal bloom and a contemporary arrangement per delivery.

Cook Book: A Modern Way to Cook

Anna Jones A Modern Way to Cook

I love Anna Jones’ first cook book, A Modern Way to Eat.  Although we are not vegetarian, she creates truly delicious and nourishing vegetarian dishes, which even the die-hard meat eaters in my family appreciate.   She recently released her follow up, A Modern Way to Cook, which is top of my recipe-book wish list.

It promises to deliver clean, nourishing, vegetable-centred food which can be realistically prepared any night of the week.  She also knows how to make food taste incredible. And I need quick, healthy, tasty dinner solutions, fast!

The book costs R744 and is available from Exclusive Books.

A few hours off!

Rendez Vous Soy Scented Candle Book AddictWhat I wouldn’t give for a few hours of Me Time, a good book and an epic candle. And no guilt!

The candle is the key for me. I love the scent. I love the glow. It’s cosy and comforting.  I am vying for this soy candle (no carcinogens, toxins or pollutants AND longer lasting) from Angeline Melin. It’s pretty and will transport me to Paris (I hope!).

The Rendez-Vous Book Addict soy candle is R525 and available at selected stores nationwide and online from Nonna.

Beautiful Yoga/ Active Mat

Sentiens Yoga Mat Bohemia

I am not a yogini (the feminine form of yogi, I believe), but I need to stretch everyday (for my back … and any other part of my body that has decided to spasm).  To be honest, my daily 30 minute stretching routine, can sometimes feel like a chore.

I think this pretty and colourful yoga/ active mat from Sentiens will do wonders for my, frankly lazy, attitude towards stretching!

And for the true yogini, they sell fabric or leather carry straps for their mats too.

Yoga mat, R635, available from Sentiens.

Loose Tea Mug

Birdie Tea Cup Tea MerchantTea is a wonderful thing.  I was brought up on it.  And today you can buy tea for every conceivable need: health, indulgence, detoxing, vitamin booster, glowing skin … the list goes on!  I always appreciate getting a lovely mug or cup for my tea … but this year I have my eye on something a little more … fun.  These Birdie Swing Cups are a perfect way to get my loose tea fix when I’m working or on the go.

A cup, infuser and lid in one and no need to faff with a teapot!

The Birdie Swing Cups are R260 and available online or in store at the Tea Merchant.

I’ll be waving this little list in front of my family.  Let’s hope they spot it!

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Have more great Mother’s Day gift ideas? I would love to hear.  Drop me a comment in the comments field below.

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