Adidas Pure Boost X Trainers – 5 Reasons To Love Them!

Adidas Pure Boost X Trainers in raw purple and red

A few years ago, I confessed to my physio that my trainers were 8 years old (they looked it!). Quietly horrified, she explained that I needed new, fit-for-purpose trainers … only then could they help support my feet and protect my body from the impact of my workouts.  Important when you have a chronic back problem!

She also muttered something about not being so cheap because I don’t wear just one pair of shoes. She had a point and I listened. 

I upgraded my running trainers.  I even bought a second pair for the gym.  And I replace them dutifully when needed.  But I have never been enthusiastic about workout trainers … until now.  What’s changed? Adidas Pure Boost X.

It’s hard to miss these beauties, they are all over social and print media … as well as on my feet 12 hours a day!  Working with their female athletes, Adidas says it took 3 years and 100 prototypes to develop a shoe designed specifically for women’s feet, performance and style expectations.  I have been wearing mine for a few weeks now and in my view, they nailed it.

5 reasons to love the Adidas Pure Boost X

  1. Designed for women, by women

Adidas Pure Boost X Running in black

I always thought women’s trainers were designed for women’s feet.  Apparently not!

Traditionally, women’s athletic shoes start with the men’s model.   The size and dimensions are reduced and a splash of girly colour is added.   But the process overlooks major differences between men’s and women’s needs in terms of fit, cushioning, flexibility and stability.

Adidas flipped the design process on its head, and started with the female foot!  A woman’s foot tends to be narrower in the heel and arch and wider at the ball than a man’s foot. The Adidas Pure Boost X reflects this shape … and it fits like a glove.

The only thing to look out for is the size.  They come up small; buy bigger than you think you might need.

  1. Designed for the motion of women’s feet

Adidas Pure Boost X Running in red and raw purple with floating arch

The uniqueness of the design is obvious at first glance; the big hole between the sole and the upper.  You can poke your fingers right through!

The shoe’s upper is made from an adaptive stretch mesh, fitting snuggly on the foot.  It joins the sole at the toe and heel, and floats under the arch, hugging your foot (and creating a hole).  Adidas calls this the “floating arch.”  The intent is to adapt to the naturally shifting contours of a female foot in motion, because according to Adidas, women’s feet shift and change with every movement.

When you first put them on the shoe feels strange, like a tight sock.  But as you walk, run and move, you realise how much support it gives and how it adapts to your feet (even for a flat-footer like me!). They are incredibly comfortable.

  1. Performance

Adidas Pure Boost X Running Boost technology foam sole

There are two ranges: one for running, and one for general training.  There are small differences in the look and style, but both boast the brand’s Boost foam technology in the sole, popular for its superior energy return. And although the sole is less substantial than the Adidas Energy Boost, it still has a nice, springy feel.

The running shoe’s flexible structure promotes a natural stride that may take some getting used to if minimal isn’t your go-to style. Adidas suggests easing into higher mileage runs.  As a 5-10 km runner, I am happy with the shoe over this distance (although I got achy feet on my first couple of runs … but not anymore).  It gets mixed reviews, however, from longer distance runners: some feel it lacks stability; others love it.   This really comes down to personal preference and running style.

The training shoe is excellent.  I use them the most.  The pivot-point rubber outsole helps you rotate smoothly; something I really value at the gym and circuits. The shoe feels snug, stable and comfortable when changing direction.  I have never had this in a trainer before!

  1. Lightweight

Adidas Pure Boost X Running in floral pattern light weight

One of the biggest advantages of these shoes is the weight (or lack of it!).

The Adidas Pure Boost X is super lightweight … the lightest I have ever worn.  The running shoe in size UK 5.5 weighs only 184g.  It is like wearing air.

Adidas have not published the weight of the training shoe.  To me they feel slightly heavier, although the difference is marginal.  You still feel like you’re walking on a cloud.  This is one reason why they are currently glued to my feet 12 hours a day!

  1. Big on Style

Adidas Pure Boost X Running Stella McCartney Navy Blue

These little beauty’s are gorgeous!

They come in several finishes to suit all tastes, including: bright pink and blue; a rather gorgeous black; a pretty floral; and the oh-so-stylish Stella McCartney versions, which are pricey but worth every penny.  The navy blue pair will end up on your lust list!

These versatile shoes will turn heads and complement your workout wardrobe, and look equally stylish with jeans. You can’t get more fashion-friendly than that!

Few fitness brands have zeroed in on the female athlete as uncompromisingly as Adidas has with the Pure Boost X. It is great to see a big brand like Adidas finally stepping up its game and designing an all-round shoe that delivers what it promises.

Available in store and online at Adidas, as well as selected stores nationwide.

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    1. Hi! They are lovely. You should be able to find them at the Adidas store in Victoria Wharf shopping centre, V&A. Total Sports stores – there is one in Century City, Claremont and Adderley Street. Stuttafords in Joburg stock them – I presume they would too in Cape Town. Good luck. Hope you find them.


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