This Easter indulge in chocolates and treats without the guilt!

Dark chocolate easter egg with goji berries, apricots, almonds and pistachios

Ahhh Easter! Bunnies.  Spring flowers (if you’re in the northern hemisphere). Lambs frolicking in the fields. Chicks. And chocolate … lots and lots of chocolate.  As a child, Easter involved a highly competitive Easter Egg Hunt with my sister, in our back garden at home.  It was dog-eat-dog … and neither of us wanted to share our chocolate haul.

The pinnacle of this search was finding … The Big One!  A huge foil-wrapped chocolate egg, hidden in the bushes, and a post-it note with my name on it.  I never thought it odd that the Easter Bunny could write. Or knew my name.  Or owned post-it notes!?

Happy, chocolate-filled days!

Fast-forward a few years.  The world is a different place. I am older and (apparently) wiser.  And I try to live a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle. Easter is a special occasion (especially for my children).  It’s okay to eat chocolate and to enjoy the fun, without substituting foil-wrapped treats for nuts and dried fruit. That’s just mean!  A healthy lifestyle is a long-term journey at the end of the day.  So I intend to indulge, guilt-free this Easter.

But I have one rule: quality over quantity.  Always!

My Guilt-Free Easter Treat Wish List

Ooh La La Artisan Confectionery

Ooh La La Confectionery artisan marshmallows in different flavours

Ooh La La Artisan Confectionery is a touch of France in Johannesburg. These delicious treats are crafted using traditional techniques and the finest ingredients, sourced locally and from across the world.

Expect to find real Turkish Delight, French nougat, salted butter caramels, artisan chocolate, caramelised nut pebbles (a hot fave) and their trademark sweet, Calissons.  I personally have put the Matcha Chocolate and Marshmallows on my wish list.

Available online from Ooh La La Confectionery, or at selected stores across Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Monate Easter Eggs

Monate Chocolate Raw Chocolate Truffle Eggs

These lovely, raw Easter egg truffles from Monate are filled with a soft ganache-like centre dipped in 83% chocolate.  They are the perfect size to indulge your taste buds this Easter. Better yet they are earth-friendly and healthy (free of refined sugar, sweetened with agave, gluten free, dairy free, vegan and LCHF).

Monate use only natural and certified organic ingredients. Their raw chocolate is handcrafted using low-heat techniques and unroasted cacao beans: no cooking, roasting or baking.  It’s also free from refined sugar, gluten and dairy and suitable for vegan and LCHF diets.

And raw chocolate offers incredible health benefits, because the nutrients and enzymes in the cacao are preserved. If you didn’t know, cacao is known as the most powerful superfood, because it is jam-packed with antioxidants and nutrients essential for physical health and emotional well-being.

Spoil yourself and everyone you love with these delightful Easter truffles.  You can’t get more guilt-free than this!

The eggs are available online at Faithful-to-Nature, the wider range can be found online at Monate or at selected stores.

Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate raw, organic mint chocolate bonbons

Honest Chocolate is a small  artisanal chocolate company, based in Cape Town.  They use ethically-sourced, organic, raw cacao; making their chocolate higher in antioxidants and better for you than regular dark chocolate! Their chocolates are free of preservatives, additives, emulsifiers, dairy and processed sugar.  And they make their chocolate the old-school way!

Their dark and intense bonbon truffles are on my Easter wishlist.  With a hard chocolate outside and a soft, smooth chocolatey centre, the praline literally melts in your mouth. The praline is set up and cut by hand and then each piece is hand-dipped using a traditional dipping fork.

There are two kinds of bonbons: traditional and mint. I want both!  And I don’t think I will be sharing them.

You can get their slabs and spreads online from Faithful-to-Nature and they are stocked nationwide at selected stores.  But to immerse yourself in sheer chocolate indulgence, head over to the Honest Chocolate Café on Wale Street, Cape Town.

Make your own Easter treats

If you would rather make than buy … here are some great resources for yummy, healthy Easter treats.

Healthy Hot Crossed Buffins, from Well Nourished.  These are simple and versatile.  Love chocolate? Add cacao nibs.  Want to make it dairy free? You can substitute the butter and milk.

Crazy Good Coconut Oil “Chocolate” Bark, from Oh She Glows.  Healthy. No Bake/ raw. Quick and simple.  What’s not to like?

Zesty Easter Scones, from Deliciously Ella.  Haven’t tried these yet … but if mine turn out anything like Ella’s, I am sold.

Elderflower and Pistachio Cake, from Anna Jones.  Anna’s recipe’s are pure genius.  Although not a traditional Easter cake … this cake is all about Spring.  And although I am in the Southern hemisphere, and it’s technically Autumn, Easter will always be Spring for me!

I think I am going to have to end this post here.  My mouth is watering a bit too much!  Have a wonderful Easter.  And remember, enjoy the fun and treats … then you can start next week refreshed and raring-to-go!

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