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One  of my goals for 2016 was to increase my water intake (2.5 – 3 litres per day).  I am doing well and definitely see the benefits.  And if I get lazy and don’t top up regularly, I notice … I am like a wilted flower!  To reach my daily target I need to keep a bottle of water with me at all times: school run; work outs (of course); supermarket shopping; everywhere! I am pretty good at it now, but had to ditch plastic bottles in the process (not very eco-friendly, they don’t keep water cool, some add a taste to the water… the list goes on).  My freebie bottles from the gym leak all over my bag.  And some of the other bottles I have are just too high maintenance.  So I have been on the hunt for a better and more stylish water bottle solution.

As with all active lifestyle trends, water bottles have been revamped. They  are now fashion accessories in their own right: teaming style and design with functionality, sustainability and eco-responsibility.  Overseas, designer water bottles are big business: they are beautiful, functional and trendy.  Brands like S’well and bkr are making real waves, and although they are not available here yet, this is where the humble water bottle is heading.  Thinking about it, if you carry a bottle around all day, every day, it’s worth getting a high quality bottle that is fit-for-purpose.  And if it’s pretty too … that’s a bonus.

Here are 5 of the most beautiful (and practical) water bottles available in SA … and there isn’t a stainless-steel camping bottle in sight!


Screenshot (162)

Contigo, Tranquil Water Bottle (590 mls), R299

Whether you’re just going with the flow or need to kick your Asana into gear, Tranquil’s vibrant colours and a soft, non-slip silicon sleeve will keep you hydrated past the final Namaste. The water bottle is leak proof, has a carry handle for those active moments, opens two ways for easy cleaning and adding ice cubes, and is dishwasher safe.

Best for active moments:  I love this bottle.  Easy, pretty and handy. The little loop on the lid makes it easy to carry around.  Good for workouts and errands.  It’s a great all rounder.

Available from Total Sports.


Screenshot (169)

Made by Fressko, Lift Fressko Flask (500 mls), R1200

A stylish, double-glassed flask, which includes a 2-in-1 “Infuse” filter.  It is the perfect companion for creating your fruit-infused cocktail, brewing your special tea blend or simply mixing your coffee; all while you BREW AS YOU GO.  Available in 300 ml, 400ml and 500ml sizes, the flask will keep your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks warm for several hours (and it is safe to touch when hot).  The pretty bamboo lid is leak proof too!

Best for infusion and eco-responsibility: This flask is just too pretty.   The company has sustainability at its heart, so the flask will earn you your eco-stripes!  Not practical for a workout but it is great if you want something more than just water when you are on-the-go: ideal for your warm lemon water before breakfast!

Available online from Made by Fressko (all the way from Oz) or Leafy Greens Café Johannesburg.

ConsolScreenshot (167)

Consol, Grip & Go Active (500 mls), R45

The Consol Grip & Go Active is a nifty take on the trusted 500ml ergonomic and eco-friendly Grip & Go.  With the addition of a BPA-free, easy to open flip-top lid, this bottle is ideal when you are out and about. Whether you’re at the gym or on the fly, all you have to do is flip and drink to keep yourself hydrated the healthy way. It’s been designed for ease of use with a small spill-safe spout opening and an easy-grip, non-slip silicone sleeve.

Best for price, practicality and quality:    This is a multi-tasking bottle that can be used in most situations. And the colours are pretty fab too. The only downside is that there is no loop or handle on the flip-top lid, which would make it even better for those active moments.

Available online from Faithful to Nature or selected Consol stores.

CorkcicleScreenshot (164)

Corkcicle, Vinnebago Beverage Flask (750 mls), R399

The perfect combination of form and function. With three layers of insulation, the Vinnebago keeps cool beverages perfectly chilled for up to 25 hours while on the go. Prefer something steamy? This handy, vacuum sealed bottle maintains hot drinks at their optimal temperature for up to 12 hours. You’ve got to love a flask that can multitask.

Best for hot and cold drinks: This is a great size if you want something bigger or won’t have access to refills for a while.  It is sleek and attractive and can be used for soups to wine!   Not so handy for running quick errands or workouts, but ideal for picnics, beach days and long car drives.

Available online from Yuppiechef.

Eva SoloScreenshot (165)

Eva Solo Drinking Bottle (500 mls), R249

A stylish way to stay hydrated, this drinking bottle has a modern, minimalist feel.  A trademark of Danish design, the Eva Solo drinking bottle combines quality, function and design.  It is a plastic bottle, but it is BPA free and shock resistant.  It is also dishwasher safe (although the lid needs to be cleaned by hand). The practical coloured strap allows the bottle to be attached to your bag, and you can choose from about 6 colours (one for each member of the family?)

Best for every day: If you are a fan of Scandinavian style, you will like this.  It won’t keep your drinks cool like the flask options, but it’s handy and stylish for daily errands.

Available online from Yuppiechef.

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