Gym Bag Heros

Gym Class Heros

So you nailed your workout. But is your post-cool down routine as slick?

Your skin and hair need TLC after a workout. They deserve it.  Packing the right gym bag essentials will help achieve that post-workout glow.  Beetroot red cheeks and straggly hair is not a good look and to be avoided as you step out onto the streets.

These top picks will keep you looking fresh after a major sweat session.



Cinq Mondes

Shop – Metropolitan Cosmetics, R420

Refresh your body and sore muscles with this luxurious and invigorating body wash, which will leave your skin moisturised and lightly perfumed.  Based on Chinese medicine, there are five aromas and colours to choose from. The brighter the bottle, the more invigorating the experience!  This one, Siam’s Ritual Aromatic Shower Oil, combines the moisturising power of vegetable oils with the balancing properties of Bergamot and Lignum Vitae Wood essential oils. On contact with the skin, this oil turns into a milky emulsion and then a creamy lather.

Top Tip:  If you are lucky enough not to suffer from dry skin, you may be able to skip the body moisturizer! 


Shop – available in selected spa’s across SA, for local stockists click here, R450

Boost your muscles pre and post-workout with Mio Skincare’s Workout Wonder™.  A firm favourite at Sporty Little Number.

This potent gel is formulated with a powerful blend of natural essential oils: Horse Chestnut and Horsetail Extracts help reduce swelling; Arnica Montana Flower Extract reduces pain during recovery; Chamomile soothes swelling; Spearmint Leaf Oil and Peppermint Oil freshens, cleanses and stimulates; and Fig Extract, Shea and Murumuru Butter moisturise and balance the skin, leaving it smooth and supple.  Your fatigued muscles will feel energised, cool and revived, putting the bounce back into your step.

Top Tip: No need to wait for a workout to use this gel.  Apply whenever your muscles feel fatigued.



Ursa Major

Shop –  Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, Wantitall, R1132 (box of 20) OR Ursa Major, R340 (box of 20, excluding delivery and customs)

These Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes will solve the face wash/ make up remover/ cleanser dilemma and will buy you some time between the end of class and the route home. These neatly packaged bamboo cloths refresh and exfoliate while removing sweat and excess oil, without stripping skin.  Individually wrapped they will tuck in nicely to your handbag or gym bag.  This product has received major attention in the last few months … and for good reason.  Vogue called it “Genius“.

Top Tip: Buy a big box!



Dry Shampoo

Shop – Batiste Dry Shampoo, selected Clicks stores, R64,99

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver if you don’t have enough time to care for your locks.  This dry shampoo from Batiste comes in nine different scents including Cherry (light and fresh) and Wild (deep and musky). It refreshes your hair without weighing it down – perfect if you have fine hair.  Just spritz and go!

Top Tip: Choose a scent to suit your mood.




Shop – Tweezerman Pro Curler, Fruugo, R359

Get a runway look with or without mascara and primp your eyelashes pain-free.  The new Tweezerman Pro Curler has a narrowed top bar which adapts to all types of eye shapes, and a thick, rounded silicone pad ensures intense, crease-free curl. Plus it comes in a new uber-glam, rose gold colour.

Top Tip: The curler comes with replacement pads. Make sure to replace these every 3 months to prevent infections.


Frazer Parfum

Shop – Parfum Solide, Frazer Parfum, R500 (excluding delivery)

These beautiful solid perfumes from Frazer Parfum are perfect for your gym bag.  All the perfumes are made by hand using only natural and organic raw materials, sourced directly from farmers around the world. The range is inspired by the locations of the raw materials and the African continent: try Ruby Grapefruit & Frankincense, Corsica Everlasting or After the Rains.  A little dab of this perfume will see you charge through the rest of your day!

Top Tip: Parfum Solide comes in two finishes: wood and ceramic.  The wood finish is the best for your handbag/ gymbag.

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