Style, Spandex and Sweat

jump for joy

Spring is around the corner.  The winter chill in Johannesburg is starting to thaw.  And time for the first Sporty Little Number blog post. Jump for joy!

Sporty Little Number is a blog for style conscious, active South African women – it is about style, spandex and sweat! 

The blog came about after I realised I had been spending quite a lot of my time in sportswear (Spandex mainly!), exercise classes and experimenting with different kinds of sports here in Johannesburg.  I am not a personal trainer, athlete or healthy eating expert.  I am someone who has always been sporty, but who has struggled to manage a painful back problem for a number of years.

After bouncing from one regime to the next, and thanks to a rather full-on career, managing my back and health was not top of the priority list.  I could always count on good genes and youth to see me through.

Two children later, it is not so simple!  I realised … I actually have to work at it!  Exercise regularly. Eat healthily. Cut out the bad stuff.  But I also want some fun (which explains all the sports experiments and the odd glass of wine along the way). And let’s not forget an updated workout wardrobe, because I find myself zipping around Johannesburg in between (in my workout clothes), doing the school run, the other errands.

Sporty Little Number pulls together the things I am finding out and learning about staying fit and healthy here in Johannesburg and South Africa: sportswear fashion in SA, fitness trends and happenings as well as healthy eating ideas and recipes.

I hope this can inspire you to a healthier, active lifestyle.

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